Potty Training in 3 simple steps!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is this toilet Training program designed for boys or Girls?
A:  Potty Training in 3 Easy Steps is designed to be used with both boys & girls.

Q:  Is my child too young to begin toilet training?
A:  There is no set age to begin toilet training, just as there is no set age for walking & talking. Each child develops at their own rate & some children will be ready earlier than others.  The book outlines all the signs to be checking for to know when your child is ready.

Q:  How Long Does Potty Training Take?
A:  There is no 'set time' to potty train. Each child is different. My method can be implemented over a few days or longer depending on the needs of your child.

Q:  What is an ebook and how do I to download it?
A:  An ebook is an electronic book.  You do not have to wait for it be delivered.  Just click the buy now icon on the Home page and you will directed to a page where you can download the book instantly.

Q:  Do I need any special software to read the book?
A:  No the ebook is a Portable Document Format (PDF) file.  You can read the book with Adobe Acrobat reader.  To download a free reader for the book.  Please visit www.adobe.com

Q:  Can I print the book?
A:  Yes you can print the ebook as many times as you like.  Please not however that the standard copy-write laws apply.

Q: Does it matter what country I am in and is the sale in US dollars?
A:  You can order online no matter what country you are located in.  Our secure system of payment PAYPAL will automatically convert your country's currency to US dollars.

Q:  Is your website secure?
A:  Absolutely. All payments made through Paypal, which is a secure method of payment.  You may alos be elligible to buyer protection.  Please refer to the Paypal website for full details.