Potty Training in 3 simple steps!

I trust you are all having a great week! I have had an interesting one!! A toddler recently out of diapers with an 8 week old leaves for some interesting challenges!! Especially when signing paperwork in a meeting when your toddler announces 'Wee Mommy!" We just made it in time! (With a few nervous laughs from those present!!)
It can definitely be tricky with a toddler and a new baby. I think the key to successful potty training during this period is time; time to allow your toddler to use the potty/toilet at their own pace, time to go & then finish, & then say "Oh Mommy I'm not quite finished! There is a bit more!!!!" I had to laugh when this happened this week, twice in one day!! So I am maintaining my sense of humour through it all, staying positive & reminding myself that i am doing a good job- the smiles and cuddles with both kids reminds me of this!

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