Potty Training in 3 simple steps!


Author Biography


My name is Rebecca Lawrence.  I am an Early Childhood Teacher with more than 10 years experience in educating & working with young children & their families in Australia & England.  I am a busy mother of two beautiful boys.

I decided to write Potty Training in 3 Easy Steps after toilet training my eldest child.  I found so much conflicting advice in books & even more from talking to other parents.  The grandparents had an even different take on things again!

I wanted to compile all the advice and techniques that I and others I have helped used into a concise format that was easy to read & follow with all of the information needed in one publication.  I have written the book with the aim to create a positive experience for all involved and can be be used by both parents and other carers in your child’s life.                       

The book has techniques and tips that will teach your child to learn to use the potty successfully and independently through positive guidance and encouragement.  I urge you to share with all the people who take a role in caring for your child to have a read through this book.  The more consistent the approach, the quicker you will see success!

My method involves a step-by-step approach so you are in total control of the process along the way.  You can move through the steps at your own pace, be it a few days or over a week or more if required, depending on your childs readiness and progress.  Remember that it is not a race!  The most important thing is to maintain a consistent approach and your child will be independently going to the potty in no time.

The book includes a list of dos & don’ts, a section of Frequently Asked Questions and a number of printable charts to encourage and track progress.                       

I know that this book will be an invaluable guide to aiding your child to success.

Good luck and happy training!

Rebecca Lawrence
Bachelor Early Childhood Education
Member Early Childhood Teachers' Association
Mother of 2