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"I bought 2 other potty training books and they were ineffective. My child didn't respond at all. Potty Training in 3 Easy Steps  especially emphasized positive training. My child was potty trained within a week."
Kristen P, NY

"As a busy Mom, I wanted a potty training manual that was quick and easy to use by both me and my child's babysitter. Pooty Training in 3 Easy Steps  was great! The  toilet time tantrums have disappreared!"
Jessica B, Salt Lake City

"This is a fabulous program! After reading Potty Training in 3 Easy Steps our lives have changed overnight! Our laundry pile and our grocery bill have decreased- no more shopping for diapers!"
Cally & John, Long Island

Are you....

  • Sick and tired of paying for expensive diapers?
  • Fed up of trying to pin your child down for a diaper change?
  • Trying to work out if your child is ready to be potty trained?
  • Unsure of how to go about potty training?
  • Fed up of relatives telling you when & how to potty train?
  • Wanting potty training to happen quickly?
  • Following my positive, consistent and proven potty training approach will ensure your child experiences potty training success.

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How to Potty Train in 3 Easy Steps

  ... the most important factors in successful potty training.
  ... how to know your child is ready.
  ... how to prepare your child and the home.
  ... how to encourage independent potty use.

Full of advice and ideas on how to encourage your child in positive ways.

Includes easy to follow to follow steps

Includes colorful sticker charts to encourage your child and track their progress.

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Tested by Real Parents
Many popular potty training programs rely on negative reinforcement, using food as a reward or having different approaches by different caregivers.  Basic early childhood philosophy discredits these approaches, which ignore the most important element of early childhood development:  Children rely on consistent, positive approaches provided by all the caregivers in their life.

See our testimonials from parents who have used ineffective potty training programs prior to trying Potty Training in 3 Easy Steps.